Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings have higher radial loads capacity. The cylindrical rollers are in direct contact with the raceways. They have a high radial load capacity and are fit for high speeds. These bearings are build with a single row, two rows, or multi rows of rolling elements to meet an application’s radial load requirement.


There are different types designated as , N, NF, NJ, NU, NUP (200-300) for SINGLE ROW bearings.

  • N Series

    N has outer ring slides both ways.

    SERIES : 

    N202, N304, N2204, N2305

  • NF Series

    NF has a Outer Ring Slides One Way.


    NF202, NF305, NF406, NF2305

  • NJ Series

    NJ has Flanged inner ring slides one way.

    SERIES :

    NJ1006, NJ202, NJ2305, NJ305, NJ406,


  • NU Series

    NU has inner ring slides both ways, suitable as free-end bearings.


    NU1006, NU202, NU2203, NU2304, NU303, NU406,

  • NUP Series

    NUP has flanged inner ring with washer, these bearings can be used as fixed-end bearings.


    NUP203, NUP2204, NUP2304, NUP304, NUP406,