Widely used BALL BEARING

Today we'll talk about KZ DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARINGS this Ball bearing has are a rolling-element that performs three main functions while facilitating speed: it carries loads, reduces friction and positions the moving machine parts. Ball bearings use balls to separate two "races", or bearing rings, to reduce surface contact and friction in the mounting planes.

Ball bearings are a regularly used type of bearings and are found in many everyday items, such as skateboards, mixers, bicycles, DVD players, and printers. This type of bearing is commonly used in applications that have high speed and low load.

Deep groove ball bearings are among the most widely consumed type of bearings in the world.

  • They can serve at high speeds and can carry radial and (limited) axial loads.
  • They are normally used in electric motors, compressors, fans, and conveyors.
  • Most common type of ball bearing. These bearings have deep raceway grooves and their race dimensions are close to the dimensions of the balls that run in the bearing.
  • 2RS & ZZ: The 2RS are sealed for life bearings i.e. the grease within the bearing may not leach out or may get contaminated into the bearing and damage. The ZZ is just a metal shield to prevent major contamination that damages the bearing.

How the balls fixed into the bearings?

As the ball passes through the groove, it rotates and collides, the rough edges break, and the ball squeezes into a circular shape, slightly rotating the dough ball between its hands, squeezing of the balls compresses the metal, giving the balls a very hard surface.

Function of Ball Bearings: Bearings reduce friction by providing smooth metal balls or rollers and a smooth inner and outer metal surface for the balls to roll. These balls or rollers "bear" the load, allowing the device to spin easily.

How to check: In the case of small non-separable ball bearings, hold the Bearing horizontally in one hand, and then rotate the outer ring to confirm that it turns smoothly. Individual bearings such as tapered roller bearings can be seen by individually examining their rolling elements and outer ring raceways.

We have a wide range of DEEP GROOVE BALL BEARING. Our KZ Brand Bearings designed to work effectively with lower noise and High Speed.

Material: Chrome Steel SAE 52100 and Stainless Steel

Quality: ABEC1, ABEC3

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We have a wide range of KZ FAN BEARINGS.

KZ brand Fan bearings helps the blades to run smoothly. The purpose of the fan bearing is to reduce rotational abrase, and to support axial load. For large electronic systems, fans are an important component designed to maintain the system within the recommended temperature, which ensures that the electronics function perfectly and last their full operating lifetime. In addition KZ fan bearings are designed to meet the need of domestic fans with low maintenance costs.

Ball bearing

Single row deep groove ball bearings are the most widely used in the world because of their versatility and overall performance. Ball bearings are characterized with low friction, high stiffness, and Mute, runs. Ball bearings are suitable for high rpm. These bearings can simultaneously transmit radial and axial forces. Ball bearings have a lower load capacity for their size than other types of rolling-element bearings due to the small contact area between the ball and the race. However, they can tolerate some misalignment of internal and external races.

KZ Bearing Series:

6000, 6200, 6300, 6400, 6800, 6900, 16000, 63000, RLS, RMS


Double row deep groove ball bearings are very convenient, for bearing arrangements where the load carrying capacity of single row bearing is Inadequate. For the same bore and outer diameter, double row bearings are slightly wider than single row bearings in the 62 and 63 series, but have higher load bearing efficiency. Double row bearings have deep, sustained raceway grooves that have close engagement with the balls, enabling the bearings to adapt radial loads and axial loads in both directions.

3000, 3200, 3302, 4200, 4302


Material: Chrome Steel SAE 52100 and Stainless Steel

Quality: ABEC1, ABEC3

KZ Fan Bearing offer:

* High speed

* Low radial Load

* High thrust load

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