PHSA has integrated spherical bushing with a sliding spherical surface that can support a large radial load and a bidirectional axial load at the same time.

They are designed for slow swinging movement.

PHSA rod ends have either a female thread in the body or a male thread on the body, and they can be easily assembled onto machines.

These bushings are classified by sliding surface types: Insert type, die-cast type, and maintenance-free type.

– Compact self-aligning spherical bushings with the body
– Female thread in the body or a male thread on the body
– Design with an outer ring made of special copper alloy or economical design of the outer ring
– Maintenance-free types



All dimensions are in (mm)
Bearings No.dThread (G)d2C1Bd1l4h1l3l5Wd3dLBall dia. (Inch)Ball dia. (mm)Weight
PHSA 55M 5 × 0.817687.735.52716499117/1611.1120.017
PHSA 66M 6 × 119.56.759939.7301651110131/212.70.025
PHSA 88M 8 × 1.252491210.448361951412.5165/815.8750.045
PHSA 1010M10 × 1.52810.51412.95743236.51715193/419.050.07
PHSA 1212M12 × 1.7532121615.46650276.51917.5227/822.2250.105
PHSA 1414M14 × 23613.51916.97557308222025125.40.155
PHSA 1616M16 × 240152119.484643682222271 1/828.5750.19
PHSA 1818M18 × 1.54516.52321.993.57140102725311 1/431.750.29
PHSA 2020M20 × 1.549182524.4101.57743103027.5341 3/834.9250.4
PHSA 2222M22 × 1.554202825.81118447123230371 1/238.10.5